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„Hosianna“ is an inspiring youth choir that touches hearts with its enchanting music and harmonious vocals. The group consists of talented young singers, aged 15 to 30, who share their passion for music and singing.

The „Hosianna“ choir stands out for its versatility and exceptional musical performances. From classical pieces to modern pop and gospel arrangements, the choir masters a broad repertoire, captivating audiences at every show.

Via Nives 23 – 39048 Selva di Val Gardena (BZ) ITALY​

What we do!

„Hosianna“ is not just a choir; it is also a close-knit community of young individuals coming together to share their love for music. Through their voices, they bring joy, peace, and harmony to the world, inspiring others to pursue their dreams.




Passion for Music since 1980

The young members of „Hosianna“ are not only gifted singers but also true team players. They work closely together to create a harmonious sound and express the emotional nuances of the music. Their performances are characterized by energetic stage presence, vibrant expression, and infectious joy of singing.
With their unique musical interpretation, the „Hosianna“ choir conveys a message of hope, faith, and community. Their performances fill the room with an atmosphere of enthusiasm and positive energy. Whether in churches, concert halls, or various events, the youth choir „Hosianna“ never fails to captivate its audience.
Under the guidance of experienced musical mentors, the „Hosianna“ choir receives continuous support and inspiration. The members not only receive vocal training but also musical education to further develop their skills and unleash their full potential.
Let yourself be enchanted by the captivating music and impressive vocals of the „Hosianna“ youth choir, and experience unforgettable moments filled with emotions and musical brilliance.

Passion for music

Different styles of music


Members aged 15 to 30

Since 1980

Singing songs since 1980